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About Eye Donation

Corneal blindness results from injury or eye disease. It is often correctable with a corneal transplant. Corneal transplantation, other eye surgeries, and eye research can take place only if someone gives the precious Gift of Sight. Take a moment to consider eye donation and discuss your wishes with your family. If you wish to become an eye donor, sign up on the Donate Life Georgia Registry. Those not on the registry leave the decision to donate to their family. Even if you wear glasses or contact lenses, or have glaucoma or cataracts, your eye donation can still provide a Georgian in need of a transplant the Gift of Sight.

Who Can Donate

Most people are eligible to give the Gift of Sight. Specific eligibility will be determined by the Eye Bank at the time of death. There are very few diseases that would prevent donation. Georgia Eye Bank can be contacted to provide additional information.

Why Don’t They?

Approximately two-thirds of those surveyed in Georgia said they would donate if asked. Why don’t they? In the midst of turmoil surrounding the loss of a loved one, the family simply forgets their discussions and decision about eye donation. This is why the best way to make your wishes known is to sing up on the registry.

The Need

Each week Georgia Eye Bank is asked to provide 20-30+ corneas for transplant. We also provide human eye tissue for other types of surgical procedures as well as for important research studies.


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