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Our human body bags/disaster pouches come in various colors and are made  of vinyl or cremation free materials. Our Heavy duty body bags and Oversize (bariatric) bags come with padded handles.  Most customer prefer this to strap handles that can cut into your hands. We offer lightweight regular transport pouches made from high density vinyl.  Our disaster pouches are available in both heavy duty and Oversize disaster / body bags. Our mid-weight Fema Blue Body Bags with straps are ideal for normal removal cases and can save money when the black disaster bags are not needed. Our Cadaver bags are currently used by Coroners, Medical Examiners, deceased transport companies, funeral homes/mortuaries , mortuary/pathology schools, and  others.  We also offer water recovery mesh body bags.   If it is for Light Duty body bags, MId Duty body bags ,Heavy Duty disaster pouches, or Chlorine-free body bags we have the right bags at value pricing to meet both your needs and your budget. If your looking for coroner and funeral supplies, please check us out!