"Farmer's Sunrise", Themed Farming Cremation Urn | Farmer's ash urn | Urn for Farmers

           Farmer's Sunrise, A Farmer's Cremation Urn


Be inspired by our Farmer's Sunrise Cremation Urn, a beautiful memorial to the dedicated farmers who have left a lasting mark on our lives. Crafted with skill and featuring a breathtaking design of golden wheat fields basking in the sunrise, this urn is a meaningful and suitable choice for honoring the memory and impact of a cherished farmer. An ideal addition to any Funeral Home.

  • Dimensions:      10.3" x 6.1"
  • Capacity:            200 Cubic Inches
  • Also available:   Individual Keepsake with Velvet Box
  • Engravable:       No

If this is an "at need" item, please call us to place your order. For Next Day delivery, orders MUST be placed by noon EST. Saturday delivery is not available.

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