Occupation Cremation Urns

Many of our Theme /Themed Cremation Urns are Vision Medical exclusives.   We have Birds and Butterfly themed cremation urns, Fishing and Hunting themed cremation urns, Beach and Ocean Themed urns, Patriotic themed cremation urns. In our unique series of human cremation urns we have attempted to capture images that tell a little about the loved one or just bring back happy memories of time shared. Our ash urns are designed from an aluminum alloy or brass. Our collection of themed urns are designed for lifestyles, scenic vistas, hobbies and nature.  We want to honor Farmers, Fisherman, Golfers, Hunters, Skiers, Patriots, our Veterans.

We also wanted Various Beach Themed Cremation urns that take families back to those happy times.  We even have an ash  urn picturing the Golden Gate bridge called "I Left My Heart".  Various Birds and Butterfly cremation urns which include Hummingbirds urns,Cardinals urns, Pheasant urns and Monarch Butterfly cremation urns. Nautical themed cremation urns like Lighthouse cremation urns, Sailing and boating ash urns. Fishing themed urns including bass and Walleye themed cremation urns.  Hunting/Hunter Themed ash urns including a Trophy Buck cremation urn.

Please visit our ever expanding line of themed cremation/ash urns. Most are also available with matching keepsakes.