Sand Dollar Water Biodegradable Urn | Perfect for Ocean or Lake Memorial | Sand Dollar Ash Urn

            Sand Dollar Water Biodegradable Urn

  • Dimensions:      12.75" x 5.25"-10.25" 
  • Capacity:               260 Cubic Inches

The Serenity Collection is a series of unique urns that are perfect for water burial. Crafted by hand from recycled Kraft paper, they are engineered to float briefly before gracefully sinking. Once submerged they will break down naturally over time. 

Each urn has a unique design that captures the essence of tranquil waters. Please note that float times may vary depending on water conditions and the weight of the cremated remains inside. No glue is required to seal the urns. Each securely closes using leather cord. Water-soluble bag included.


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