Embalming Gown | Breathable Fabric - Reinforced Chest and Sleeves - Knit Cuffs


The Stay Cool Embalming Gown  provides extra comfort and protection with 3 layer construction of SMS material and 4 layers where reinforced,

The breathable fabric and raglan sleeve design provided increased comfort  and extra room in the chest and shoulder regions. The adjustable neckline and hook and loop closure make it easy to wear and ensures level 3 protection. 

Stay Cool and Comfortable during procedures with ULTRA Surgical Gowns.

It also features, Knit Sleeves (which protect the wrists and reduce the chance of Glove roll down), Book-Fold design (just place your hands in the gown fold and it drops open).

Available in 3 sizes:    Large        ( 130150L )

                                     X-Large    ( 130160 XL )

                                     XX-Large  ( 130170 XXL )

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