Cremation Friendly / Chlorine Free Body Bags

Our bags come in various colors and are made in most cases of vinyl plastic with a full-length zipper. Two zipper styles are available from a straight down the middle, or the alternative an envelope style zipper, both with 2 pulls. Depending on the design, there are padded handles (our most popular) or nylon straps to facilitate lifting. It is also possible to write information on the plastic surface of a body bag using a marker pen. Alternatively, some designs of body bags have transparent label pockets as an integral part of the design, into which a name-card can be inserted. You can Tag 'Em by simply adding a conventional toe tag to one of the lifting handles if required. Body bags are not designed to be washed and re-used, with good reason: aside from the obvious hygiene and health concerns, re-use of body bags could easily contaminate evidence in the case of a suspicious death. Select from our multiple choices of bags and zipper designs.

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